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Wonder why your theater is missing? Since we're so new, many theaters have yet to hear about our service. If you let them know about us, share your experience with Dealflicks, or mention other theaters participating in town, they might just sign up! Give them a call. Better yet, drop by and tell them in person! Sometimes we sign up theaters with just one customer telling them about us.

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125 E. Beverly Street, Staunton, VA 24401
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1-(540) 885-8445

Commonly Asked Questions

Why would my theater use Dealflicks when I can offer discounts myself?

Once you are on Dealflicks, you can offer different deals, for different movies, for different showtimes, and for different dates. Also, Dealflicks is the only mobile app for movies that can offer discounts on-the-go. Without Dealflicks, many moviegoing customers are pigeon-holed into purchasing discounts for matinees and bargain Tuesday nights. The great thing about Dealflicks is that they offer a limited amount of deals for most showtimes which allows busy customers to adjust their schedule to watch movies they desire at a reasonable price conveniently through the Dealflicks mobile app. Many other alternatives offer very static promotions and a mundane experience (no mobile app, limited showtimes, discounts only catered to a certain group) This is a platform in which everyone can truly enjoy.

Who else is participating?

Dealflicks is currently in 700+ locations. They are partnered with Carmike Cinemas and various theaters in your neighborhood! (Don't forget to mention how you were able to use Dealflicks at the local theater across town :)

How much does this cost?

It's free. Dealflicks works on a simple revenue share!

How come I've never heard of Dealflicks?

Dealflicks is a fast growing start-up and they have been featured on various news outlets. Although, they've been around for 2.5 years, they are still expanding into many different cities and towns.

Will customers stop paying full price?

No, the cool thing about Dealflicks is that theaters can limit the amount of deals per each showtime. We have a back-end system that closes the deal once the limit is reached.